Helping Hands 6.2.17

You know those moments when you look back on a specific interaction and think to yourself: "I should have said this" or "Why didn't I ask that?"? Well...I had one of those during this trip to New York City.

I had just said "no thank you" to approximately 9 tour bus inquiries, turned down tickets to a comedy show, and assured an aspiring rapper that while I did not want a copy of his CD, I didn't doubt his talent. Therefore, the conversation I had with the kind gentleman requesting donations for Helping Hands was a bit rushed and void of specifics. 

After being homeless for close to 10 years, the man in front of me was able to get back on his feet, and now spent his free time volunteering for the organization that helped tsave him. He explained to me that Helping Hands focuses on feeding those living on the street. In fact, just earlier that day, more than 600 meals were handed out around the city to those in need.

While I regret that we did not exchange names and will kick myself for not inquiring about his story, I can't help but find the timing of this communication to be more than just an odd coincidence.

So...with that being said, I would ask everyone to consider donating to/volunteering for Helping Hands (or any organization that helps the homeless for that matter).

Lean More.