Jen & Robert - Update 6.19.17

If you have been following along with us, you may remember Jen and Robert. (If not, go ahead and just click on their names to read their story).

I have always said that the hardest thing about doing this is that we aren't ever certain of the outcome. While I would like to believe that everyone we speak with follows through with their plan and gets to where they dream of going; running into Jen and Robert almost 7 weeks later was a reality check (Ok....more like reality slapping me in the face.) When we came upon them, neither Alexa nor I wanted to believe it was them, but their was no mistaking it. So...with deja vu in the air and lumps in our throats we sat down to talk to them and get their story for a second time.

If you recall, Jen and Robert were saving money for train tickets to Maine. For two tickets the cost would be $212.00; a fee that they most certainly should have been close to raising in the time since we saw them last, right? Right! Unfortunately, at the same time they were close to hitting their goal, the tri-state area was hit with a week of rain. Without being able to set up their tarp for long periods of time and having nowhere to dry their clothing, Jen and Robert needed to spend the money they saved to rent a hotel room for adequate shelter.

Now, with less belongings (due to mold) and broken spirits, they are forced to begin again.

And us? Even though reality is scary, we are aware that we can make it a little less such by continuing to do what we do.

We've got this (and so do Jen & Robert!)