New York City. Jay. 9.21.17

Jay is the second individual that asked that we not take his photo

Jay's story is similar to others that we have come across.

There were family problems. A stint in jail (14 months). Lost belongings (ID & cell phone). And a familiar disdain for Breaking Ground (the organization responsible for housing the homeless in NYC).

There is, however, one thing about Jay's story that was not similar at all - his outlook.

You see, unlike the majority of individuals that we have come across (and that you have read about), Jay was not optimistic about his future. "Being on the street has taught me how people really are" he said "And that has made me lose hope." In fact, Jay had lost so much hope that when we asked if he needed anything, he asked if we could research psychologists that would help the homeless* and give him the information the following week during our visit.

Unfortunately, Jay was not in his same spot the following week. And while our minds can run wild and think the worst, I'd prefer to leave the pessimism to Jay and hope (with all hope) that he found a warm place to stay and a friendly ear to listen.

*We were going to suggest that he head to a hospital, as the hospitals in NYC offer charity care.