New York City. Jennifer & Louis UPDATE

We met Jen and Louis on 7.28.17. This is what they looked like.

In September we ran into Jen again. At the time Louis was at his medical check up for housing. The way they put it is "They want to make sure you aren't 'crazy' before being given a place to live."

On that date, Jen looked like this:


Don't let the lack of smile fool you. She was healthier, happier, and looking better than ever! We asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she let us know that because it was going to get colder soon, she could really use a sweatshirt and that Louis had lost so much weight from being on the street that a pair of pants or shorts would be great.

We carried those things with us for every trip following that meeting.

This past week, as we were sitting down speaking with a fella named Justin, Jen and Louis walked by. The moment they saw us, they were elated (and so were we). We finished our meeting with Justin and walked a few blocks to where they said they would be. Jen was there, sitting on the milk crate that we have come to know is synonymous with her, and Louis was in a nearby area trying on the shorts that we had brought.

....Honestly, I could wax poetic about this interaction - but I think it would take away from how meaningful it was. Dressing it up with pretty words would mask the simple fact that it was EFFIN' AWESOME!

Louis is weeks away from getting housing. Jenn is SUPER close. And both of them looked a million times better than when we first met them in July. I mean - LOOK AT THEM!!!!


We laughed. We hugged. We made them promise to keep us posted on their whereabouts.

Our hearts are happy SUPER FRICKIN' HAPPY!