New York City. Patricia & Eddie. 10.19.17

IMG_5551 "My ex took everything, That's when everything changed." 

Patricia, clearly a woman from the South (her politeness giving her away), and Eddie (not pictured, per request), had been homeless on and off since March. What started as a trip to New York for a new start ended up playing out like the scene of a movie. Their IDs were stolen. Their car towed. And now they have found themselves relying on the kindness of strangers to help them get to Florida where Eddie has a job waiting for him.

Patricia is a clear example of a main point we have been trying to get across. Any one of us could be one situation/choice/decision/bad stroke of luck (or in her case - an abusive ex) away from living on the streets.

Please remember that homelessness does not discriminate; therefore, neither should we.