New York City. Justin. 10.19.17


I have this compliment which I use with the greatest of sincerity; however, some individuals assume that it is sarcastic and/or said in jest. This compliment is "You have a kind face."

If there were a poster-child for this compliment, it would be Justin.

You see, while the average city dweller sees Justin as a nuisance and assumes that his misfortune is self inflicted, we see something entirely different. To us, Justin is a kind hearted, witty, and uniquely positive individual who happened across hardship. He had lost his job of 3 years, became estranged from his family (primarily his mother's husband), and has since built a 'living' on the sidewalk that borders Bryant Park. We see a fella that oozed enthusiasm when he spoke of his new sneakers that were bought with a $100 giftcard he received from a kind stranger; and a man of great tolerance while he explained a man made him take a drug test prior to providing him with $65.00. In front of us was a generous man who, despite his situation, provided $4.00 to fellow homeless individual that was in need.

Most importantly, in front of us was a gracious man who - in between smiles - made it a point to let us know that this was only the second time that he spoke with someone where he felt they actually cared about his situation and well being.

In 8 months Justin felt cared about twice. ONLY TWICE. 

I don't know about you, but I prefer to live in a world where people are unable to count the number of times they've felt cared about. Here's hoping Project Humanize influences a world such as that.