Montclair State University Society of Leadership & Success - November 12, 2018


There are moments when I take a step back, remember that Project Humanize began as photojournalism passion project, and then I pinch myself when I realize – in just over a year – it has become so much more.

Having the volunteer event at MSU NSLS was one of those moments.

I can say with absolutely certainty that neither the Project Humanize team or the MSU group expected the amount of people that turned up. To give you an idea, we were scheduled from 6:30 – 9:00 and by 7:30 all the clothes we had brought had been sorted and packed, 300 inspirational notes were written for care kits, and 4 large trash bags were filled with completed kits.

As if the efficiency wasn’t enough, we were also blessed with a handful of individuals that took extra interest in Project Humanize and our mission. Some expressed their interest in volunteering, while others had organizations that they were already working with whom they thought we would benefit from meeting.

Prior to heading back home, we were asked if A.) We would be interested in coming back to MSU each semester and B.) If we wouldn’t mind having one of the students interview and tag along with us into the city so that she could tell our story. I think it goes without saying that both Alexa and I answered with an emphatic yes.

I suppose it should also go without saying – or at least be everyone’s expectation by now – that on my ride home I bawled out of pure gratitude and the realization that we were never going to be just a passion project, we were always meant to be something more (and it’s not just us that believes that).

 Thank you to the members of MSU NSLS! You are all a reminder that there are still wonderful people in this world and when we all get together great things can happen.