Joe. New York City. 11.25.18

This will be a short (and interesting) one.

Joe’s situation is a bit different from all of the other stories we have come to uncover. While he is living on the street, he isn’t homeless.

Wait. What?

You read that right.

From what he told us, Joe has a home in Brooklyn that he was sharing with his husband; they met in prison (Joe for Burglaries - his last stint was in 2010). Unfortunately his husband is addicted to drugs and Joe could no longer accept his behavior. It was a toxic. Therefore, he now sleeps on the streets and has plans to travel out to somewhere where he can camp for an extended period of time.

I do want to note that Joe did inform us that he is schizophrenic and refuses to take any medication.

With that being said, we may never be certain if his story is correct; but what we can be certain of is that - just like many of the individuals we meet - he was on the street because of ONE situation/mishap/decision.