Katie. New York City. 11.25.18


Imagine being on the streets of NYC, not as a tourist or native, but rather a homeless individual who is simply relying on the kindness of others to afford a train ticket to Florida.

Stick with me here.

You are on the streets with your boyfriend and have been for about 7 months. You both have college degrees; him in Forestry and Agriculture and you in Political Science.

Are you still imagining?

You were SO close to catching that bus to Florida to live with your boyfriend’s Uncle, but the street can be an unkind place and all of your items got stolen one night. Not just your clothing. Not just your sleeping bag. No. By “all of your items” I mean the money you were saving and the IDs that make even the tiniest bit of progress possible.

So here you are. Living on the street. No money. No IDs. And no real plan on what your next move is.

Lucky for you, you have loads of potential and a dream of getting your life back. But that positivity is halted every time someone tells you “You are too clean to be homeless” and refuses to even consider helping you out.

Imagine that. That is the life Katie* is living.

*Katie asked that we did not take a portrait of her.