New York City 1.27.18

While we often have the opportunity to learn the intricate stories of the individuals we meet, there are also times that our conversations are less lengthy. However, that doesn’t mean they are any less important. Therefore, below you will find a few tidbits on a handful of folks we spoke with briefly earlier this year. You will also see that there are no photos accompanied with this post. This was per their request.

Lance (27) and Alex (26)

  • Lance lost his father and his father passed away. His apartment was in his father’s name, leaving the Landlord to throw everything out (and essentially evict Lance).
  • Both Lance and Alex do not have IDs.
  • All of their belongings were thrown out. In fact, cops paid construction workers to remove their items.

Lara (27)

  • Lara graduated from college with hopes to get her MBA. Shortly after her graduation, Lara became responsible for her sick father. In order to take care of him, they used his retirement money.
  • While homeless, Lara was mugged and her IDs were stolen. Following her mugging, her identity was stolen twice. The people who stole her identity proceeded to commit crimes under her name.
  • She used to be an artist and actually had some of her work displayed at galleries in Los Angeles.
  • Currently, Lara stays at a shelter in Newark; however, she has to make her way into NYC often to panhandle – as NJ has laws against it.
  • Two years ago she was raped on the streets of NYC. She has been homeless for a total of 2.5 years.
  • When asked about her experience with Breaking Ground she told us that they deemed her “too mentally competent” to warrant help.
  • Lara began crying at the end of our conversation, in between the tears she informed us that she was having an especially hard day and that is was unlike her, as people who know her call her “Miss Sunshine”.

Eddie (27)

  • Eddie was laid off from his job as a driver.
  • He does not have family that he can reach out to/rely on.
  • Homeless for 1.5 years.
  • He prefers to stay to himself a lot – and admits that “it (homelessness) is what you make of it.”