June 8 - Project Humanize. NJ Beam Team. The Covenant House.

Yes. I know. It is August 12 and more than 2 months since we had an absolutely incredible day with the NJ Beam Team and the Covenant House. BUT! I assure you, it has nothing to do with lack of interest; but rather, everything to do with our lives getting a wee bit out of hand. I broke my foot – left my job – and started a new job. Additionally, Alexa took on ANOTHER, which barely leaves her enough time to sleep.

So…without further ado, here is insight into the awesomeness that happens when 3 altruistic groups of people get together to make a difference. And in true Project Humanize Fashion, the best way to do this is thru images.







The Jim Beam Team donated all of the items that are being used to fill our care bags




Over 150 bags were filled and and dispersed among The Covenant House, Homeless individuals on the streets of Newark, and a local shelter.



Nancy Gross from The Covenant House takes the time to explain the organizations mission. 


Each year The Covenant House hosts a very large fundraiser. We were honored to be able to take some stress off of the CH team by helping them prepare for their yearly "Night of Broadway Stars" Gala! 


Hitting the Streets

The Jim Beam team hit the streets of Newark and distributed 50+ care bags to the less fortunate. 


Still Going




The Jim Beam team finished the day by serving food at a local homeless shelter. 





In short: we are beyond honored to have "hosted" the Jim Beam Team's day of volunteering and am very thankful for the relationship that we have developed with The Covenant House. 

Interested in volunteering with the Project Humanize Team? Contact us at projhumanize@gmail.com!