Alexa Schwartz

When I am passionate about something, I feel it all the way through my entire being. I feel things very deeply, and I put emotion into everything I do. I was involved with Girl Scouts until high school, grew up dancing and competing, and took on musical theatre in high school. I also dabbled in different clubs and volunteer groups throughout my life as well.

I would say I was born as a very sympathetic person. I have always loved to volunteer my time helping those in need and it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My mom has pictures of me giving stray animals water on vacation, and she can recall countless times where I went out of my way to take care of others. I can emotionally feel the pain others have, and feel a very strong desire to help. Janette and I both consider ourselves empaths, which drew us towards this cause even more.

So, when Project Humanize crossed my path by chance one day, I saw the opportunity and thought to myself, Why not?

In May of 2017, I can say wholeheartedly, that my path in life changed when Janette and I decided to co-found Project Humanize. I have always dreamt of helping others in an impactful way, but I never considered pursuing such a large cause, with so little direction to begin. Diving into this head-first has been an amazing experience, and has ignited a deep passion for our cause, and the need to help others.

A little humanity goes a very long way, as we have already greatly experienced. I am so excited to take you all on this journey with us, and hopefully recruit many of you to join us in the effort to humanize those who don’t really have a voice at all.

Janette Mochnacz

If you bring up Project Humanize to my Mom, she will most likely tell you all about how, when I went to work with her as a child, I would beg her to give money to this homeless man we would see every day as we walked to lunch. And my husband? Well…he will tell you how, on our first vacation as a couple (only 2 months into the relationship, by the way), I stalled our exploring to speak with a homeless man – and he had to spend the next hour comforting me.

And me? Well I would tell you how, in 2006, I studied abroad in Australia and met a fellow playing the guitar for money in the train station. I would explain how I was so intrigued by his story and inspired by his kindness, that I promised myself that when I got back home I would start a “homeless are human” photojournalism project. I would go on to tell you how, although it took 11 years and being let go from my job, I finally landed where my empathic nature (apparently) destined me to be: the co-owner of a (soon-to-be) Non-Profit that is everything I could have ever asked for and more.

I am Janette Mochnacz: photographer, writer, empath, serial hugger, and advocate. Thank you for stopping by – please stay for a while & have a look around.